• Janghowon Logistics Center - Logistics Center

  • Janghowon Logistics Center - Office building

  • Janghowon Logistics Center - Natural turf field

  • Janghowon Logistics Center - Residence Building


Eco-Friendly High-Tech Logistics Center

The logistics center, located at Janghowon, Echeon-si, Kyeonggi-do, is served for efficient product warehousing and shipment as well as inventory management. The office building where logistics employees are working is equipped with an office, a dormitory and a conference room. And a warehouse is separately managed for product storage. In addition, there are 4 units of pension building in the Center for workshop, employee training and recuperation, as well as the highest-quality natural turf field.
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Land Area Approx. 35,777 Pyeong (including 26,459.98 Pyeong of forest field)
  • Section Size and Features
    Office 1 Unit 1F 205.04 Pyeong (Work Space)
    2F 205.04 Pyeong (Seminar Room/Office)
    3F 127.68 Pyeong (Dormitory)
    Logistics 2 Unit Building A 300 Pyeong
    Building B 236 Pyeong
    Pension 4 Units 1F 12 Pyeong / 2F 6.6 Pyeong Size
    Soccer Field 1EA Natural Turf
    Others 1EA Tennis Corus/Futsal Field


ADDRESS 1317, Jungwon-daero, Janghowon-eup, Icheon-si,
Gyeonggi-do, 13493 KOREA