• Leap for Future
  • Company Growth
    & Market Share
  • Challenged the
    New Era of IT Industry
  • DZS Acquired OPTELIAN, Canada
    DZS Acquired RIFT, U.S.A
    DASAN Zone Solutions Changed company name to DZS Inc.
    DZS started supplying 5G mobile solution to Rakuten and other customers in JAPAN
    DZSI acquired Keymile (Germany)
    Established DASAN Ventures
    Exclude HANDYSOFT from DASAN Group
    Signed a 5 year supply agreement and partnership contract with TDF in France
    Started supplying optical cable to SANEF SAPN in France
    Established a joint venture ‘TL international’ with Tonino Lamborghini S.P.A.
    Launched Tonino Lamborghini Smartphone ‘Alpha-One’ in Global
    Started supplying 10G EPON to KDDI in Japan
    Acquired Zhone Technology(listed in NASDAQ) and
    changed the company name to DASAN Zhone Solutions Inc.
    Listed in KOSDAQ as HANDYSOFT Inc.
    Launched NG-PON Platform, MPLS Mobile Backhaul
    Established India·France·Vietnam Branch
    DASAN Network Solutions Captive Spin-off
    Established Taiwan Branch and joint Venture in Algeria
    Launched XG-PON, G.fast
    Acquired Solueta Inc.
  • World’s first 10G demonstration on Commercial Network (with SK Broadband)
    Launched Korea’s first SuperFast™ (2P 500M)
    Selected as the Supplier of FTTH GPON solution to Viettel in Vietnam
    Started supplying Edge Service Access Network Solution to LG U+ in Korea
    Launched 'Smart Box' (with SK Broadband)
    Selected as the Supplier of FTTH GPON solution to Chunghwa Telecom & Taifo in Taiwan
    Acquired DTS Inc.(previously Dongyang TS)
    Supplied OTT STB to NTT WEST in Japan
    Established China Branch
    Acquired DMC Inc.(previously Dongmyeong Trading Company)
    Established ‘DASAN TOWER’ in Pankyo
    Started supplying 4G LTE Access solution to LG U+ in Korea
    Acquired HANDYSOFT Inc.
    Established USA Branch
    Started supplying Mobile Backhaul solution(GPON) to Softbank in Japan
    Supplied FTTH GPON solution to BSNL in India
    Started supplying FTTH GPON to SK Broadband in Korea
    Started supplying FTTH EPON to LG U+ in Korea
    Became the affiliate of DASAN Investment Inc. – Re-Purchasing of Nokia Siemens Networks
    Started supplying Internet phone (VoIP) to Samsung Networks in Korea
    Became the affiliate of Nokia Siemens Networks
    Supplied FTTH EPON & IP-STB to KT in Korea
  • Released ADSL2 IP-DSLAM for Global Market
    Main supplier of FTTH EPON & IP-STB to KT in Korea
    Secured Investment from SIMENS of Germany
    Released VDSL IP-DSLAM
    Changed the company name to DASAN Networks, Inc.
    Established Japan Branch
    Developed & Commercialized L3 Metro Ethernet Switch for Korean market
    Developed & Commercialized Linux based L2 Switch for Korean Market
    Released Metro Ethernet Solutions 'OPTEX Series'
    Commercialized World First Linux based Router
    Listed in KOSDAQ as DASAN Internet
    Released General-Purpose Router & Switch Vertex line
    Changed the company name to DASAN Internet, Inc.
    Developed Korea’s first Frame Relay Router for KT in Korea
    Established DASAN R&D Institute
    Established DASAN Engineering Co., Ltd.