Ideology of Establishment

The DASAN Group adopted ‘DASAN’ as its name in 1993, in honor of a true hero of Korean history. The name ‘DASAN’ was actually the pseudonym of Jung Yak Yong, whom was accepted by Koreans by utilizing Western philosophy and sciences to better the lives of ordinary people during the late Chosun Dynasty.

Therefore, the name DASAN is a true representation of the innovative and challenging spirit of the company. DASAN, inheriting such pragmatism and empirical traditions, succeeded in paving the way for Korea’s network to become the #1 in high speed internet and all its related services. It achieved this by developing innovative network equipment which was quickly adopted by many of Korea’s network solutions and distributors.

Further employing Jung Yak Yong’s philosophy of fair governing, DASAN aims to achieve accompanied growth with all clients, partners, and employees alike. DASAN will continue to question the status quo, and develop innovative equipment and solutions that will enrich society as a whole. DASAN will pave the way.

DASAN’s 5 Core Values

  • Development in technology
    in pursuit of grand innovation

  • Accompanied growth with customers,
    partners, and all employees

  • Sustainable growth through
    procurement of quality products

  • Customer satisfaction
    through quality assurance

  • Network technology
    that benefits society

DASAN’s 12 Philosophies

  • Crisis Awareness

    Face internal / external
    corporate realities being
    conscious of crises and find
    solutions continuously.

  • Leading Changes

    Sustainable growth is only
    available when corporate
    constitution, structure and
    way of thinking is changed.

  • Insight of Future

    Prepare for the next
    while maintaining
    wider and farther view.

  • Best Quality

    Face against global
    leaders with
    the best quality.

  • Creativity and Challenge

    Make the workplace full of
    a challenging spirit and an
    endless challenging spirit.

  • Core Talents

    Securing and maintaining
    excellent talent
    is the competitiveness
    of the company.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Think like a customer and
    provide service beyond the
    customer’s expectation.

  • Marketing

    From the marketing tha sells
    products to the marketing
    that sells DASAN brand.

  • Fostering Talent

    The future CEO is within
    the company. Continuous
    training is the key for talent

  • Globalization

    Instead of insisting Korean-
    style, work and communicate
    fitting in the local culture
    and condition.

  • Preoccupation

    Firmly abandon things to
    be abandoned and quickly
    start things to be started.

  • Ethical Management

    Abide by laws and principals
    and gain ethical respect for
    sustainable growth.