• DASAN Dreaming of Technology
    and Value for Better World

    DASAN Networks, the holding company of DASAN Group, has taken the lead in Korea network solutions and greatly helped Korea to become an IT power house. DASAN has five major global affiliates that work together to help ensure success and maintain the company's vision. They include the NASDAQ-listed global network solution company ‘DZS(DASAN Zhone Solutions)’, the renowned software company ‘HANDYSOFT’, the global auto parts company ‘DMC’, the No. 1 provider of electromagnetic wave shielding materials in Korea ‘SOLUETA‘, and the expert engineering company for heat exchangers ‘DTS‘. As a new driving force for growth, DASAN has also introduced B2C business services and products.

    DASAN’s affiliates seek to promote timely and efficient business operations under the principle of responsible management, while dreaming of and creating technology and value for the new world through mutual cooperation, as shown in connected car and IoT service. In addition, DASAN is making its utmost to leap into a global-scale, small-but-strong company in telecommunication, engineering, materials and automobiles areas, which are the essential grounds of national industrial development, through endless technology and management innovation.

    Korea’s #1 Internet Solution Provider

    DASAN Networks started as the 1st generation venture company in 1993, and became the #1 Network Solution Provider in Korea. It has helped Korea become an IT power house, and is acknowledged globally for the quality of products and services it provides. Since 2000, DASAN has grown constantly while providing advanced network solutions in all parts of the world starting from Japan, and becoming a global company for network solutions. In 2016, DASAN took over Zhone Technology, a NASDAQ-listed communication equipment company, further expediting its globalization. Since the launch of the operating holding company system in April 2015, DASAN has put major emphasis on investment management of major affiliates and related companies, while promoting new businesses in B2C in order to find a driving force for continuous growth in the entire DASAN Group, and creating a synergy between our affiliates.